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Amie Larson has been doing art since she was first able to pick up a paint brush. Her 1st master piece was on the white wall in the hallway when she was three years old. Her medium of choice was crayons. Unfortunately this piece can no longer be viewed since her parents had to paint over it in order to get their deposit back. Since then she went to SUNY New Paltz in upstate New York. She received a BS in Art Education with a concentration in oil painting.

     Amie just recently moved to Austin, TX from Boston, MA. She is quickly getting back into oil painting and exploring the new art scene in Austin. 

     Since then Amie has always done art and loves learning new ways to be creative. She invites you to take a look at some pieces she has done in the past as well as look at the paintings she is currently working on.

Photo of Carolyn Larson 2008 Digital